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February, 2004


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A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the word you first thought of.


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Mediawebhosting & CBL

The CBL - Composite Blocking List

[ IP Address Lookup | Frequently Asked Questions ]

Wat is CBL?

CBL gebruikt haar brondata uit grote spamtraps. Alleen ip lijsten die aangemerkt zijn als verschillende soorten open proxies (HTTP, socks, AnalogX, wingate etc) en gebruikt zijn om spam, worms/viruses die hun eigen mail verzending veroorzaken staan in de database van CBL. Op de site van is meer te lezen. Ook Cbl helpt ons om spam te reduceren.

The CBL operates in an entirely automated way designed to avoid listings of spamtrap hits due to bounces of forged spam, virus bounces, and "real" mail servers emitting the occasional spam. It tries very hard to avoid listing legitimate mail sources. It does not attempt to list every possible spam source.

This list is based on information believed to be reliable. No warranty is made that it is accurate or complete.... Use entirely at your own risk.

There is no supporting data or "evidence" file available for any given listing, and no mechanism to ask why any given listing took place. To counteract this, there is an automated no-questions-asked removals procedure allowing any affected party to delist a specific IP address rapidly. However, delisted IPs are relisted if new evidence of spam activity is subsequently detected.

Entries automatically expire after a period of time. The approximate detection time of a specific entry can be obtained from the web interface.


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Service staat bij ons hoog in het vaandel, of u nu een particulier bent met een miniwebhostingpakket of onze grootste klant.... wij zorgen dat uw website, mailverkeer en overige diensten een uptime hebben van 99,8% ! Uw website...... onze zorg.

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Bezoek ook eens onze zustersite het adres voor jingles & commercials

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